You came to the right place! is a Los Angeles based Computer-Service and Computing-Consulting business dedicated to Excellence, Fast Reliable Service and a single point of contact for all your computing needs.

What do we mean by Computing?
We coined that phrase because in today’s internet era there are no boundaries and no set platforms. The Internet and Intranets are a mix-match of different operating systems, hardware, software, switches and routers hence the phrase Computing. Today’s technology has a lot to offer and without compromise we are experts in this arena . We are Hardware & Software Agnostic, hence we are a single point of contact for all your needs.

Bring it on!
Did we say that, Yes Bring it on! Whether you have a Mixed or Single platform of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac O/S, Linux Based work-stations, running Firewalls made by Cisco Systems to Linksys, running a wired or wireless network, It’s never a challenge. We are confident we can serve you.
Simply put: ‘No Bill is due unless we have performed to your satisfaction’.

What do you we mean by Network-Headache-Solvers!
It simply means that we are Hardware & Software Agnostic. Regardless of the equipment whether it is Wired, Wireless and or WiFi regardless of the manufacturer, be it Cisco, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Extreme Networks, Fundary, Zyxel, Apple, Microsoft or for that matter any Generic brand independent of the manufacturer, none poses a challenge to us hence we call ourself ‘the Network-Headache-Solvers’!

We handle your end-station too!
Yes, we are able and willing to resolve any problems and or challenges on your Workstation as well, again we do not care who makes it, if you have an Apple Computer or a Windows PC or mixture of them, we are ready to help you. At the end of the day your Work-station is part of the network.

You came to the right place!